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Zinc ships with full source code as an object oriented C++ platform independent framework, and is used to implement graphical user interfaces (GUI's) for cross platform applications. Zinc is a scaleable and customizable full featured toolkit for the creation of event-driven GUI applications. Zinc is available for embedded and desktop platforms. Zinc for embedded platforms is available for real time operating systems such as Wind River's VxWorks. Zinc utilizes the look and feel of the native platform for Zinc objects.
Product Features

Almost every embedded design is unique, so an off-the-shelf software solution needs to be flexible in order to be adapted to the unique visual branding for the device, and must include just those components required for a specific application.
Embedded devices must be able to use the same fundamental design in different countries, and the challenge is to have a GUI component with the same flexibility.
Zinc provides integrated support for localized applications so that all standard UI texts are automatically translated and all date and number formats are changed.

Scaleable starting from 1.5 MB
Easy porting to custom hardware
High-performance graphical output
Complete set of interface widgets
Highly customizable "look and feel"
Intuitive C++ API
Sophisticated event routing
Advanced model/view architecture
Powerful visual design tool
Internationalization/localization support
Multithreaded support

Zinc evaluation Download
Add a Quick Start program with training to complete the training process and get started on your project.

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Our staff of engineers and project managers is able to help you with all aspects of your projects' design, development, and testing.

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Zinc datasheet Download