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John Hertrich, President
John Hertrich, founder, owner, and President of Professional Software Associates, Inc. (PSA) has been working in the software development industry since the late eighties and is experienced in all facets of software design, implementation, project management, and business operations. In 1993, Mr. Hertrich founded Professional Software Associates, a software development firm serving defense and commercial industries. During this time he has managed more than 100 different software development projects. In 1994, under Mr. Hertrich's leadership, PSA partnered with Zinc Software, Inc.; a developer of cross platform graphical user interface tools for desktop and embedded systems, as an independent Zinc software services consultant, and successfully built a service organization providing Zinc software consulting services.
In early 1997, with Zinc Application Framework consulting services growing, Mr. Hertrich extended the relationship with Zinc Software, forming a joint venture company, Zinc Software Services. Mr. Hertrich served as President of Zinc Software Services where he directed services and training activities, providing clients with complete professional services and a variety of training course offerings.
In 1999, Wind River Systems acquired Zinc Software Services. After the acquisition, Mr. Hertrich served as a Senior Project Manager for Wind River Systems Professional Services Business Unit managing high profile projects for a variety of engineering domains in the United States and Internationally. Presently, Mr. Hertrich is serving as a project and a business manager for PSA continuing his role in the management of customer projects onsite and offsite both domestically and internationally.
Prior to PSA, Mr. Hertrich served as a software project engineer developing 3D engineering analysis programs integrated with leading CAD systems for Variation Systems Analysis, Inc. During this period, Mr. Hertrich co-authored and was granted a patent for engineering analysis (U.S. Patent 5,586,052). Before joining Variation Simulation Analysis, he developed remote control software and led the development of a robotics laboratory for testing emerging robotic technology for the U.S. Army.
Mr. Hertrich holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Technological University.
Kathi Simmonds, Director of Finance & Administration
Located at U.S. headquarters in the state of Michigan, as Director of Finance and Administration, Kathi Simmonds' responsibilities include the management of global finances and operations, tax planning, and Human Resources for PSA's Team of professionals in Michigan, Florida and its Research and Development Center in Eastern Europe.
Ms. Simmonds earned her Bachelor Degree in Business from Walsh College of Accountancy and Business Administration bringing to PSA a distinguished career path of 20 plus experienced years in the banking, automotive, engineering, and construction industries including 11 years of investigative accounting from owning her own bookkeeping firm.
Her conservative business leadership and dedication to success mirrors PSA's mission to reflect the total expectations of our clients, our industry, and our employees in Teamwork, Quality and Satisfaction.
Elena Sankina, Administrative Director
As Head of the Administrative Department at PSA's Research and Development Center located in Minsk, Belarus, the mission of Elena Sankina is to support the company's successful and smooth operation by planning and overseeing a variety of services, including labor relations, supervision and orientation of staff, contracts and payroll issues, budget planning and cost optimization.
Mrs. Sankina is a highly organized and energetic multi-tasker with more than 16 years of management experience in logistics, sales, and IT. Her good command of English contributes to efficient communication with PSA's headquarters in the United States. Prior to PSA, Mrs. Sankina managed the Belarus branch office of the largest Google partner in the Baltic States.
Mrs. Sankina earned her Bachelor Degree in Applied Mathematics and Informatics, as well as Economics.
Sergey Ostromukhov, Director of Engineering
With well over a decade of successful IT and management experience as reference, Sergey Ostromukhov holds the position of Director of Engineering at PSA's Research and Development Center located in Minsk, Belarus. During his career, he has led a variety of successful projects across multiple industries, including information security, military, transportation, manufacturing, and aviation, and also served as Deputy Director for the Computer Research Institute, NIIEVM, based in Minsk. His project engagements have included software, firmware, and hardware development, along with project management. His practical knowledge combined with keen business sense have allowed Sergey to excel throughout his career, and in his current role, he oversees all engineering and development activities within the company, as well as coordinates activities with the U.S. offices and PSA's clients.
Mr. Ostromukhov's dedication to quality business practices and his no-nonsense technical approach have made him a key player for PSA, and his strategic leadership is evident in the successful operational management within the Eastern European office and the close collaboration with US-based operations. Mr. Ostromukhov's input as a strategic leader within the organization supports ongoing process definition and policy support, as well as continuous improvement activities to support the organization's goals.
Mr. Ostromukhov holds a Master of Science degree in Information Technology, as well as a Master of Science in Business Administration.
Alexander Shulinin, Technical Director
As Technical Director at PSA's Research and Development Center located in Mink, Belarus, Alexander Shulinin's responsibilities include new project opportunities investigation and proposal development. Mr. Shulinin started his career as a software engineer in 1996 obtaining professional growth in the roles of business analyst, technical coordinator and project manager in a number of successful software development projects for medicine, transportation, and mobile. Mr. Shulinin is also responsible for PSA's infrastructure maintaining and successful functioning, including hardware equipment and project lifecycle management solutions used by PSA. His responsibilities also include continuous improvement of the company automation process and projects environment configuration.
Prior to PSA, Mr. Shulinin served as a senior software engineer developing payment terminals and server side components for on-line and off-line payments.
Mr. Shulinin holds a Bachelor Degree in Software Development and Automated Systems.