Product Testing
Product testing includes verifying and validating the product works as expected, and meets business and technical requirements. Test team usually performs a number of test cycles and executes the Acceptance testing at the very end; however, the testing methodology usually differs from project to project.
Whether integrated into a full project portfolio, or contracted separately, PSA's testing processes will ensure that the developed solution fully meets all expectations. PSA begins test planning early on in the project, so that by the time testing activities start, the test plan (along with test cases) is fully prepared, reviewed, and approved. Testing typically consists of:
  • Tests execution
  • Bug reporting
  • Test results analysis
  • Fixed bugs verification
  • Regression testing
Testing - System Integration & Deployment
Integration is about bringing together all the pieces into one target system, and usually applies when the solution combines together different software or/and hardware components. Deployment is targeted at making this integrated system available for use. PSA performs Integration and Deployment either as a separate project or as a part of custom software development project.
PSA's deep industry knowledge, combined with strong project management process, make us a clear leader in systems integration. Our professional team is able to create a strategic plan to seamlessly integrate the solution in the most efficient and effective manner. Whether it involves emerging technology, a solution designed by PSA or another vendor, or the integration of a commercial software product - PSA has the expertise and experience to make sure it is done effectively.