PSA to Define Requirements for Radiation Detection Devices

PSA kicked off two new projects for our regular customer, an American multinational biotechnology product development company that develops, manufactures and sells a range of products, including radiation detection devices.

One of the projects is to define and document requirements for an Electronic Personal Dosemeter (EPD) configuration tool. This tool will be used by sales to search for an existing dosemeter part number or create a new one. The tool is to be in form of a single screen layout with connection to database.

The second project is also to define and document requirements, but this time for a system used as a central repository for EPD calibration check and relative data received from dosemeters’ check stations. The system API shall be designed to allow developing new check stations without changes to the software system. The system shall also contain a user interface, as well as processing module for receiving data.

A representative from PSA will visit the customer onsite in Germany to collect requirements for both projects, discuss the customer’s vision of the layout and functionality and also deadlines for the implementation phase which is planned to follow right after.

Date: August 25, 2017
News Source: PSA Internal Source