PSA to Get Production Simulation System Architecture Project Underway

PSA started a production simulation system architecture project for a new customer, an international company that develops employee assessment and hiring solutions for businesses around the world. Within the project currently underway, PSA’s engineering team will perform architecture design of a new simulation and training system, which will replace the existing simulation product and also provide training capabilities. The system will be used by two of the top-6 largest automakers in the world.

The new system shall be capable to input or import list of candidates/employees, configuration of assessment or training exercises, generate the summary results with recommendations and expose assessment and training result data to the external systems.

The project will consist of two phases. The first phase is two weeks onsite for existing system review and requirements gathering for system architecture. The second stage will be offsite architecture definition and specification.

Date: September 18, 2017
News Source: PSA Internal Source