PSA to Develop Prototype of Next-Generation Particle Counter

PSA will develop a prototype of a next-generation particle counter device used for monitoring and qualifying acceptable levels of contamination within the manufacturing environment. The customer is the inventor of laser-based particle counting and the largest particle counter manufacturer in the world, since 1972 continually reaffirming its technology leadership position.

Our team previously completed the requirements definition phase, where we defined in detail the functionality of the user interface and completed UI design specification. Currently, we arrived at the stage of prototype development to demonstrate the look and behavior of the new screens and widgets. Furthermore, PSA will identify potential risks that may arise during project implementation and then move towards the implementation stage. The user interface is going to be developed not only for running on the device, but it should also be accessible via standard web browser and provide almost the same functionality as on the device.

Date: December 22, 2017
News Source: PSA Internal Source