PSA to implement replacement system for the Production Simulation

PSA is currently engaged to implement our newly designed architecture within the production simulation system for an innovative supplier of solutions for performing employee assessments, who is interested in replacing the current system with a more vigorous product.

The new system shall not only mimic the existing functionality but also provide scalable architecture to tune it for applicant assessment purpose and employee training purpose with an ability to introduce new assessment exercises and station types.

It is also expected that the new system will be able to perform employee training. This feature implementation will provide additional input to the employee on mistakes made and suggestions for improvements.

The PSTS system will also support sensors produced by a third party. For that purpose, the system will provide the interface to send commands to the external sensors and receive data from them. It will also support branding for new customers and easy configuration for individual end customer’s needs.

Date: January 22, 2018
News Source: PSA Internal Souce