PSA's Newest Dedicated Team Project

One of our newest customers, a technology company operating in the U.S. Railway and Mass Transit Transportation sectors, has engaged with PSA to form a dedicated team of highly skilled engineers to perform implementation and support of Positive Train Control (PTC) activities. PSA’s extensive knowledge in the rail industry and ITCM (Interoperable Train Control Messaging) allowed us to provide a team of resources capable of developing high quality solution.

The project is currently scheduled to last for 29 weeks.

The purpose of the project is to manage secure data and transfer it wirelessly. In general, the system is planned to be used by one of the first class railroads in the USA. It will provide an ability to exchange encrypted data between the office, waysides and train’s onboard components of PTC. Additionally, the system will allow managing leased trains between different railroads and designating the territories trains can operate on

The solution will provide an efficient method for updating a secure configuration on the trains and waysides, keeping data up to date and deliver a high level of protection against unauthorized access. The system will have a user-friendly interface and quick installation and configuration on new equipment.

Date: January 24, 2018
News Source: PSA Internal Source