Analysis of Failed Test Completed

When a loyal customer asked PSA to do a routine job – retest updated software, our team started right away expecting nothing but plain rerun of some tests due to the code changes; however, the simple task turned out to be a massive project. Due to a lack of documentation from the previous contractor, it turned out that the originally created test cases were in a very poor state and required updates in order to perform proper quality assurance testing.

It took about ten weeks for PSA’s highly skilled QA team to analyze approximately 600 tests that failed in the first go around. In detail, the team fixed the test cases via code injections and investigation of the VectorCAST environment issues. PSA also updated existing test cases based on requirements, created new test cases, updated and re-configured the VectorCAST environments and provided test reports.

Generally, PSA’s team ensured the source code was properly tested using the VectorCAST tool and primed all the necessary resources shall an update of the source code happen in the future. Considering such event is likely, it will be much less painful than at the beginning of the current project – bearing in mind all the test cases and documentation have now been brought to order.

Overall, the customer was highly satisfied with PSA’s performance and continues to collaborate, with PSA, on testing projects.

News Source: PSA Internal Source

Date: April 14, 2018