PSA Successfully Implemented System to Perform Annual Calibration Checks

Several members of PSA’s talented engineering staff worked diligently throughout the summer months to provide a high-quality solution to our longtime customer, logging more than 3000 hours to complete the system. It will be used with a third party irradiator hardware to perform annual calibration checks on dosimeters.

During the development stage, the customer identified necessary updates to incorporate new features, which PSA was happy to accommodate. These new features introduced an additional way to use the irradiator hardware within the developed system by means of different Certificate and Response Types.

The customer has expressed great satisfaction with the system. Initially, the customer confirmed and acknowledged a strong and comprehensive level of software requirements documentation, following with satisfaction of well-defined reporting processes and providing on time delivery of the final product.

One major issue was to deliver on time because many third party dependencies would have been in jeopardy if PSA had failed the set deadlines. We proudly confirm that PSA, as usual, met the customer goal and made it just in time.

Date: September 11, 2018
News Source: PSA Internal Source