Comprehensive Training Session Completed

PSA was pleased to host three (3) representatives from our long-term customer (a leading power engineering company in the world), who’s launching a project on one of the largest set of NE commuter lines in the US, for a training session lasting three weeks at our Development Center, located in Eastern Europe.

Overall, the training session was a huge success, with ideas, new project procedures and knowledge transfer surrounding new functions and planned task assignments passed from the customer’s representatives and PSA. The training plan included a discussion of the technical issues of the future project, as well as training work with the Bentley MicroStation program and its use in conjunction with the customer database. Customer representatives were once again in awe of the high level of PSA specialists’ technical literacy, their desire to learn new technologies and improve their knowledge. We received only positive feedback on the work of the team of specialists, as well as, on the organization regarding the learning process. PSA did a great job to setup the class with thirteen (13) Workstations and provided a separate office space for our customer representatives to comfortably work. PSA’s President, John Hertrich, participated in the training session, along with several members of PSA’s Signaling Team.

With a very rich agenda each week, the teams worked together in unison to accomplish their goals. As each item on the agenda was discussed, the teams were able to work to a positive solution for all involved.

Additional training sessions are currently being planned. These sessions will continue to strengthen the collaboration between PSA and our customer. We are extremely appreciative of the immense opportunities this presents PSA and would like to extend our sincerest thank you to all those involved.

Date: January 30, 2019
News Source: PSA Internal Source