Updates to ArMOR Logic Board Delivered

Our partner, TouchPad Electronics, had a need for updates to an ArMOR Logic Board for their customer. They reached out to PSA to assist them to complete the tasks. The ArMOR Logic Board is used to control the sampling of high-temperature molten metals using an inert gas atmosphere. This is done through the control of system relays, user lights and monitoring a system flow meter and pressure switches.

The first of task was to develop USB flash functionality support and implement the logic to update the board parameters from the file on the USB flash drive or visa-versa write the current parameters to the USB file. To accomplish this, PSA developed a specific data exchange protocol for communication between the USB controller and the main logic MCU. We were able to complete this task in six weeks.

Prior to the first task being completed, PSA was given a second task to develop a new firmware version with additional functionality for the ArMOR Logic Board to complete some self-diagnostics. The new features included configuration and implementation of Flow Limit, Flow Lock and logging to the USB. The Flow Limit feature was added to prevent injury caused by sudden increases in the Flow Rate. Flow Lock would then stop the system if the flow rate deviates from a specific range. Logging the USB shall log the test settings that were in place for measurement and record different events during measurement.

Both updates have been approved by the customer as a successful delivery.

Date: February 06, 2019
News Source: PSA Internal Source