Onsite QT support Wraps Up

PSA was very excited about this opportunity to collaborate with a new customer who needed additional QT support at their facility in Madison, WI for a month. PSA’s highly qualified engineer arrived mid-February, when it was blustery and cold, ready and set to work.

The customer was release a new version of Cell Thawing System designed to consistently thaw a large volume of cryobags at clinical sites or points of care. They needed additional support to release the updated device on time. While the customer employees worked to finish the mechanical part and firmware of the device, PSA’s engineer worked diligently on the GUI portion.

The main function of the project was to help realize a prototype that allows data to be recorded into the database as medical cryobags are defrosting, and then sent to a USB flash drive as a supporting document. There is more work to be done to complete the release, but the results of this prototype will give more clarity to the further development.

We are looking forward to a very long and fruitful collaboration for both the customer and PSA with the completion of this project.

Date: March 15, 2019
News Source: PSA Internal Source