PSA Welcomes New Customer with Rotation Profile Image Pilot Project

PSA’s President paid a visit to a neighbor of PSA’s Headquarters in MI just before the holidays in mid-December 2018. The main objective of his visit was to define requirements of a pilot project to rotate a profile image from vertical orientation to horizontal. The client was very impressed with PSA’s abilities and excitedly rewarded PSA with the pilot project.

PSA was tasked with modifying two tools with the ability to work with data, provided by laser acquisition, to inspect parts to be used as alternatives. The modified tools would allow the user to display the image of the part in a horizontal position for inspection. The following technologies and frameworks were used during the project: MS Visual Studio, C#, .Net, WPF, Lorus LVS Vision System Framework.

The project took two weeks to complete and was successfully delivered with great satisfaction. We are excited to embark on a very conducive journey as we continue to collaborate with our newly acquired customer.

Date: January 18, 2019
News Source: PSA Internal Source