PSA Delivered Firmware of Existing Streamer Device

In the fall of 2018, our engineers started working on a new project for a returning customer to implement firmware to support the deployment of an existing Streamer device with additional interfaces for GPS, LTE CatM radio and Bluetooth on the BG96. Overall, the system was built on the TreadX realtime operating system. It would also provide updates over cellular connections.

It was soon discovered based on customer feedback, additional features were to be implemented as well. These features included GPS parameters reporting and Ignition ON logic implementation. The main task was to analyze and detect harsh acceleration, harsh cornering and rash breaking during vehicle motions using only an accelerometer module without a gyroscope. Close communication with the customer’s engineers allowed PSA to accomplish the tasks in a good manner with appropriate results. Of course, PSA’s engineers were glad to complete the additional tasks. The customer expressed satisfaction of a job well done when the firmware was delivered.

Date: March 21, 2019
News Source: PSA Internal Source