PSA’s QA Department Successfully Delivers ATP Unit Software Testing and Documentation.

Our most loyal customer reached out to us mid-February to complete ATP Software Unit testing using the VectorCAST tool, as well as creating software design and software architecture documents. We were able to complete the project in a little over a month, utilizing 2 resources .

The scope of the project included analyzing source code to identify differences from previous projects, re-execute existing test cases that did not require changes and update existing tests due to updated source code, create new tests for functionality, and create test execution results documentation. The software design document was prepared, using Doxygen, as the base of the source code comments. The Software Architecture document covered several functionalities – vehicle speed and position determination, vehicle orientation, ATP Braking Management and ATP Mode determination and management to name a few.

The customer provided positive feedback on all aspects of the project including the quick project completion turn around.

Date: March 28, 2019
News Source: PSA Internal Source